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At QuickSnap, we understand it takes money to provide enriched programs for our students.  This is why we offer school fund raising programs.  Our system can be adapted to meet the needs of your school and can be conducted several times throughout the school year.  At the school’s request, QuickSnap Team Members can help facilitate the introduction of a promotion to ensure maximum success.

We recognize that the fund raising market has been saturated with chocolate bar sales and other commodities that do not provide significant benefits to the consumer.  With fitness becoming an increasingly important focus for our children, as well as adults, our product provides its users tangible benefits.  They help -

  • Children play safely
  • Active adults save time
  • Anyone challenged with tying laces
  • Caregivers increase the level of support
  • Athletes gain a competitive edge

QuickSnap System:

Our system is simple.  We provide the product, a fund raising letter and sales form, and a brochure explaining the benefits of QuickSnap.  You do the following:

  • Agree to purchase a minimum of 50 units (then increments of 25)
  • Handle all printing and distribution of literature
  • Collect the money and place the order with QuickSnap (the invoice will be determined when you have concluded your fund raiser)

 The break-down of cost/contribution:

  • The school pays a wholesale price per unit.
  • The school then decides on what price they want to sell them for. As you are aware of your school community this allows you to sell at a price that will achieve maximum sales.
  • Our incentive program can boost your fund raising – QuickSnap will give back as follows:
    • 100 units sold – an additional contribution to school is $.25 per unit
    • 200 units sold – an additional contribution to school is $.35 per unit
    • 400 plus units sold – an additional contribution to school is $.50 per unit

Custom Package:

We can also customize your fund raising event, by adding your school logo (maximum of three colors) to the QuickSnap. The minimum order for customized logos is 500 units and the break-down of cost/contribution remains the same.  There is a small fee for the printing costs and it takes 3-6 weeks for delivery.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions and to arrange your fund raising event at:

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